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My first Skillshare class about marionette-making is live! I will teach you how to make a marionette puppet from start to finish. We will go through the entire process of making a simple marionette, starting with a sketch, then making the wooden body, head, hands and shoes, sewing clothes, and finally, stringing onto the controller, to bring the marionette to live :).


This class is a good starting point to marionette-making and is great not only for the aspiring puppet-maker, but also for all crafters and for anyone who has an interest in doll or toy making, DIY or sculpting. 

By clicking this link you'll get your first 2 months of Premium Membership on Skillshare for free. You'll get access to all Skillshare classes across a wide range of categories and, of course, to my class as well. Here's the link:

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